Window Shade Trends – What’s Hot With Window Treatments

modern shades crestviewThe last thing that you want for your Crestview home is to install all new window treatments, only to find out they are no longer in fashion. This is why it is important to stay current with the times, as well as make it a point to work with an industry expert willing to help you with this.

It is true that fads are a bad idea to buy into. They tend to pass quickly and leave you stuck with outdated décor that you can no longer stand to look at.

However, trends differ because they tend to offer a view of those looks that will become the new norm, as well as an eventual classic. Let’s take a look at some of the options that you now have available to you, such as modern window shade trends.

What You Should Know About Window Shades

Don’t get left behind, learn these trends before making choices about your window treatments.

Creating a Focal Point

For the longest time, blinds, curtains, shades, and shutters were meant to act as a subtle backdrop. Now, more homeowners are making the wise choice to let their vibrant window treatments steal the show, especially if they have an exterior view worth framing and bringing attention to.

Going Sleek

There is still a time and a place for billowy and curvy; options like Roman shades still help soften an otherwise hard-edged room. However, sleek lines are finally finding their place in interior design. No longer simply utilitarian, lines are making things modern and dominating window fashions this fall.

Bold Prints

Save your solid colors for your interior wall paint and add bold prints to your window treatments. Just about every type of window covering now comes in vibrant colors but also bold patterns and prints. Make a statement with your window shades.

More Window Shade Tips for Your Crestview Home

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